JavaScript Object Events

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JavaScript Object Events

The following are the list of Object events available in JavaScript programming.

onabortOccurs when the user aborts the loading of an <img> or <input type="image"> element.
onbeforeunloadOccurs when the document is about to be unloaded.
onerrorOccurs when a resource failed to load, or can't be used.
onfullscreenchangeOccurs when an element immediately switches into or out of full-screen mode.
onfullscreenerrorOccurs when the browser cannot switch to full-screen mode.
onhashchangeOccurs when the current URL changes to target a specific section within the page.
onloadOccurs when a given resource has loaded.
onpageshowOccurs when a user navigates to a webpage.
onpagehideOccurs when the user is navigating away from a webpage.
onresizeOccurs when the browser window has been resized.
onscrollOccurs when an element's scrollbar is being scrolled.
onunloadOccurs when the document/page or a child resource is being unloaded.


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