JavaScript Document Properties

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JavaScript Document Properties

The following are the list of Document properties available in JavaScript programming.

anchorsReturns the data related to the anchors in the current document.
bodyGets or sets the document's body.
characterSetReturns the character encoding of the document that it's currently rendered with.
compatModeReturns whether the document is rendered in Quirks mode or Standards mode.
contentTypeReturns the MIME type that the document is being rendered as.
doctypeReturns the Document Type Declaration (DTD) associated with current document.
documentElementReturns the Element that is the root element of the document.
documentModeReturns the mode used by the browser to render the current document.
documentURIReturns the document location as a string.
embedsReturns the data related to the embeds in the current document.
fontsReturns the FontFaceSet interface of the document.
formsReturns the data related to the forms in the current document.
headReturns the data related to the <head> tag in the current document.
hiddenReturns a Boolean value that indicates whether the current page is hidden or not.
imagesReturns the data related to the images in the current document.
implementationReturns a DOMImplementation object associated with the current document.
lastStyleSheetSetReturns the last enabled style sheet set.
linksReturns the data related to the <area> and <a> in the current document with a value for the href attribute.
pluginsReturns the data related to the plugins (<embed>) in the current document.
preferredStyleSheetSetReturns the preferred style sheet set as specified by the page author.
scriptsReturns the data related to the <script> tag in the current document.
scrollingElementReturns a reference to the Element that scrolls the document.
selectedStyleSheetSetIndicates the name of the style sheet set that's currently in use.
styleSheetSetsReturns a list of all style sheet sets available on the document.
cookieLets you read and write cookies associated with the document.
defaultViewReturns a reference to the window object.
designModeControls whether the entire document is editable.
dirGets or sets the value of the dir attribute of a document.
domainGets or sets the domain portion of the origin of the current document.
lastModifiedReturns the current date and time.
locationReturns the URI of the current document.
readyStateDescribes the loading state of the document.
referrerReturns the URI of the page that linked to this page.
titleGets or sets the current title of the document.
URLReturns the document location (URL) as a string.
activeElementReturns the data related to the Element within the DOM or shadow DOM tree that currently has focus.
fullscreenElementReturns the Element that is currently being presented in full-screen mode in this document.
pointerLockElementReturns the element set as the target for mouse events while the pointer is locked.
styleSheetsReturns a StyleSheetList of CSSStyleSheet objects, for stylesheets explicitly linked into, or embedded in a document.


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