About Wikimass


Started 1-April-2017
Purchased Domain 05-December-2017
Purpose Online Education
Division Computer Programming
Hosted AWS (Amazon Web Services)
Platform Linux/UNIX
CDN Amazon CloudFront
Protocol HTTPS
Brand Name Wikimass

Our Mission

wikimass.com is a programming website, by which any person can develop his/her skills from beginner or no level to an advanced level in server-side programming, web designing, and client-side programming.

Our web designing language includes:

Our client side programming language includes:

Our data visualization includes:

Our Server Side Programming includes:

Our Database includes:

  • DynamoDB (Release Date: 1-September-2020).

Our Online web tools includes

Our Online Math Calculators includes:

Our Online Math Converters includes:

Why Wikimass name

If someone says me the word Internet, suddenly my mind says wiki because I love wikipedia and wikiHow so much. So undoubtedly my website name needs to start with the word wiki and then I added the word Mass (meaning: a large number of programming languages crowded together). So the name comes Wikimass.

Execute Yourself

Most of our example programs are editable by clicking on the Run button, by which users will be more interactive in learning stuff and it will save a lot more time in learning.

You Can Contribute

If you want us to correct some misspelled words, grammatical mistakes, etc. You can email us to "iamwikimass@gmail.com".

Make Us Glad

You can do three possible things to make us glad.

  • Please whitelist us from your Adblock.
  • By spreading words with your local friends.
  • By sharing our tutorials on social media.

Join Our Channel

Join our telegram channel to get an instant update on depreciation and new features on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, PHP and Python.

This channel is primarily useful for Full Stack Web Developer.

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