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Google Charts History

Google Charts is a pure JavaScript based Web service that creates graphical charts from user-supplied data. It was developed by Google in the year 2007.

How to Use Google Charts?

To use Google Charts, follow any of the below methods.

  • Download - Copy and Paste the javascript code from loader.js to your javascript file which is already linked to a web page where you are going to use the google charts.
  • CDN - You can link the google charts JavaSript file( to your page web page by using <script> tag.

In this tutorial, we will use CDN to make our examples more obvious. But, it is recommended to download and use, as it reduces one http request for your page.

Usage Rights

Google Charts is free for all uses: government, commercial, personal or educational.


Before starting to learn Google Charts, make sure whether you fulfill the following requirement.

  1. HTML - To provide a container (div) for google charts.
  2. CSS - To adjust the size and sometimes the color of the google charts.
  3. JavaScript - To call the library functions of the google charts.
  4. Internet connection - Without internet connection google charts will not work.


Please wait google chart is loading...


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