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PHP fprintf()

The fprintf() function writes a formatted string to a specified output stream.

Warning: The c type specifier ignores padding and width.


PHP Compiler
<?php $count = 9; $file = fopen("fruits.txt", "w"); echo fprintf($file, "I have %f apples.", $count); ?>



The following text is written to the file 'fruit.txt'

I have 9.000000 apples.


fprintf(handle, format, arg1, arg2, ...)

Parameter Values

handleRequiredSpecifies a file system pointer resource that is typically created using fopen().
formatRequiredSpecifies the string and how to format the variables in it.
Possible format values:
  • %% - Returns a percent sign.
  • %b - A binary number.
  • %c - The ASCII value.
  • %d - Signed decimal number (negative, zero or positive).
  • %e - Scientific notation using a lowercase.
  • %E - Scientific notation using a uppercase.
  • %f - Floating-point number (local aware).
  • %F - Floating-point number (non-locale aware).
  • %g - shorter of %e and %f.
  • %G - shorter of %E and %f.
  • %o - An octal number.
  • %s - A string.
  • %u - Unsigned decimal number (equal to or greather than zero).
  • %x - A hexadecimal number (lowercase letters).
  • %X - A hexadecimal number (uppercase letters).
arg1RequiredThe argument to be added as the first %-sign in the formatted string.
arg2, ..OptionalThe argument to be added as the second %-sign in the formatted string and so on.

Return Value

NumberReturns the length of the string written.


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