jQuery Effects Methods

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jQuery Effects Methods

The following are the list of Effects methods available in jQuery.

animate()Performs a custom animation of a set of CSS properties.
clearQueue()Removes all functions on the queue that have not been executed yet.
dequeue()Removes the next function from the queue, and then executes the function.
fadeIn()Displays the matched elements by fading them to opaque.
fadeOut()Hide the matched elements by fading them to transparent.
fadeTo()Adjusts the opacity of the matched elements.
fadeToggle()Displays or hides the matched elements by animating their opacity.
finish()Stops the currently-running animations, removes all queued animations and their CSS properties set to their target values.
hide()Hides the matched elements.
queue()Shows the queue of functions to be executed on the matched elements.
show()Displays the matched elements.
slideUp()Hides the matched elements with a slideUp effect.
slideDown()Displays the matched elements with a slideDown effect.
slideToggle()Toggles (display or hide) the matched elements with a slideToggle (slideUp or slideDown) effect.
stop()Stops the currently running animation for the selected elements.
toggle()Toggles (display or hide) the matched elements.


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