DynamoDB Limitations

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A Quick Overlook of DynamoDB Limitations

The following are the list of limitations that needs to be considered before using DynamoDB:

  1. DynamoDB is only available on AWS.
  2. Maximum item size in DynamoDB is 400KB which also includes key and value.
  3. Each table in DynamoDB has a quota of 20 global secondary indexes (default quota) and 5 local secondary indexes per table.
  4. The maximum depth for a document path is 32.
  5. Decrease RCU or WCU is allowed up to four times, anytime per day.
  6. The maximum RCU per partition is 3000.
  7. The maximum WCU per partition is 1000.
  8. Primary-key can have at most 2 attributes, limiting query flexibility.
  9. By default, read request is limited to 40,000 per table per second and write request is limited to 40,000 per table per second.
  10. The minimum length of a partition key value is 1 byte. The maximum length is 2048 bytes.
  11. The minimum length of a sort key value is 1 byte. The maximum length is 1024 bytes.
  12. For tables with local secondary indexes, there is a 10 GB size limit per partition key value.


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