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Sass @ Rules

The following are the list of inbuilt string functions available in Sass language.

@mixinAllows you to define styles that can be re-used throughout your stylesheet.
@includeAllows you to include mixins into the current context.
@functionAllows you to define complex operations on SassScript values that you can re-use throughout your stylesheet.
@returnIndicates the value to use as the result of calling a function.
@extendAllows you to inherit the styles of one selector to the another.
@errorAllows you to throw an error and stop further execution.
@warnAllows you to throw a warning, but it will not stop executing further.
@debugAllows you to see the value of a variable or expression while you're developing your stylesheet.
@at-rootAllows you to whether or not to target the root of the document instead of using the normal nesting.
@importAllows us to combine multiple Sass files into one CSS file.


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