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JSONP History

JSONP (JSON with Padding or JSON-P) was originally proposed by Bob Ippolito in 2005.

What is JSONP?

JSONP is a runnable JavaScript with callback.


When you make requests through JavaScript (XMLHttpRequest) across domains, you will receive an error "Request blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.'

As <script> tags are exempted from same-origin policies. Bob Ippolito uses this advantage to develop JSONP to share resources across foreign origins.

In the following example, we will send a request and receive a response within the same origin. But, you can also use this example for foreign origins.

Note: We provide server-side coding for both PHP and Node.js, you can choose your favorite.


The following is the server-side coding using PHP.

Note: The response is wrapped inside a function call.

PHP Compiler
<?php echo "myFunction({ name: 'Hello ".$_GET['myname']."! Welcome to JSONP :)'})"); ?>

The following is the server-side coding using Node.js.

Note: The response is wrapped inside a function call.

Node.js Compiler
var express = require("express"); var app = express(); app.get("/",function(req, res){ res.sendFile('index.html',{root: __dirname}); }); app.get("/myjsonp.js",function(req, res){ res.send("myFunction({ name: 'Hello "+req.query.myname+"! Welcome to JSONP :)'})"); }); app.listen(8000, function(){ console.log("port is listening to 8000"); });

The following is the client-side coding to request and receive a response.

<!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en-US"> <body> <h1>JSONP</h1> <p id="point"></p><script> function myFunction(data) { document.getElementById("point").innerHTML = data.name; } </script> <!-- For php use '"/myjsonp.php?myname=john"' --> <script src="/myjsonp.js?myname=john"></script> </body> </html>




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